Dubai Safari world BBQ dinner deal

Dubai is the city of lights and city of dreams. There is no better way to spend your vacations than to spend it in Dubai. If you are planning a holiday in Dubai this year you should avail any one of the several packages available by Dubai safari world!  One of the best that they have to offer is the BBQ desert dinner deal which is sheer excellence and elegance in one night! The ambiance is breathtakingly beautiful and the food is finger licking yummy. There is nothing that can make your night better than this in Dubai! Good food, music, dance, dark sky and the shimmery stars make the best combination!

What to expect in Dubai BBQ dinner night?

Dubai is a rather expensive place to be in but with the amazing deals by Dubai safari world, you can make some of the best price deals to make your stay in the city worthwhile in the most affordable price possible. The BBQ dinner night will begin well in the evening and move right into the late hours of the night. This is only to let people enjoy the beauty of the breezy deserts of Dubai after midnight. The night will be jam packed with one song after another and professional dance troops dancing the night away. There will also be many other entertainment options made available for the people to enjoy. These will include fireworks, sky lanterns, camel rides, desert photo shoots and classic Arabic culture.


Food on BBQ dinner night

The food served on BBQ night is super-hot and fresh and it is made sure that all types of BBQ items are available on the menu. Here is what you will be able to find on the menu. The dinner menu will be divided into two equal sections of vegetable BBQ and non-vegetable BBQ. Each section will have equal amounts of BBQ food items.

  • Vegetable BBQ

In the all, you can eat menu you will also have the option of a vegetable BBQ. This is for the people who are vegetarians or cannot indulge in meat due to health issues. For such people, there is an arrangement an array of different beautiful and rich in taste vegetables roasted and grilled.

  • Non-Vegetable BBQ

The non-vegetable BBQ will include the same traditional meaty BBQ of lamb, beef, chicken, turkey and Fish. There will also be an assortment of chutney’s and garnish to enjoy with the BBQ.

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